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Grotesque dwarves in mirrored rooms
Cruelly taunt a thousand yous.

– Siouxsie and the Banshees, “Carousel”


It’s kinda fun to sneak into their Rants and get a laugh out of all the stuff they think they know and don’t really have a clue about. We’ve got a game down in the Chamber – we all sit around coming up with the wildest, goofiest,

most far-fetched tall tales we can think of. Then we vote one of 'em the best – not for being a good story, but for being the biggest load of crap in the bunch. Then we take that story and sell it to the Brujah as gospel truth. Watch ‘em run around like ants in a hill, screaming Jyhad and Sabbat and Lupines and everything else. Damned amusing.


They treat us better than any of the others do. Guess it’s 'cause they know that after a few years of freakin’ and sneakin’, most of ‘em are gonna look worse than we do. At any rate, we like to be left alone, they like to be lett alone, and we pretty much leave each other alone. End of story.


Gotta admit, these guys scare the piss outta me. No amount of dirt you get on ‘em’s any good, 'cause either all your facts’ll change the next night or they just don’t care if you tell the world anyway. Also, I hate the way they’ll walk up to you and pay you for some information, and then when you start to tell it to ‘em, they finish your sentence and add on a new tidbit you hadn’t even heard yet. Then they just stare at you with that goofy grin while your jaw drops open. Then they walk away cackling. Damn, I hate it when they do that. Freaks.

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