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anarchs, as this group affords them countless opportunities to smash, destroy and deface.

This embrace of ugliness often leads to a pronounced tendency toward crudity. Nosferatu rarely associate with their fellow Kindred, but when they do, they take great pleasure in shocking and disgusting them. This coarse behavior, besides being fun, is a psychological weapon, for a Kindred is far more likely to let information slip when his composure has been shaken.

Nosferatu are of two minds when it comes to the virtue of honesty. On the one hand, most Nosferatu despise hypocrisy (at least they say they do, which would itself be hypocritical). Nosferatu are fairly honest with themselves and their clan members, and despise pretentious sorts such as the Toreador.

On the other hand, Nosferatu take great pleasure in spreading all manner of lies throughout vampiric society. It is to Nosferatu that the other Kindred, who routinely mock and insult them from their elegant penthouses, come crawling when in need of information. Every now and then the Nosferatu enjoy throwing a fly into the ointment just to stir things up a little. If the repercussions of these little white lies set vampires at each other’s throats and send cities into spasms of riots and chaos – well, serves the bastards right for making fun of us, the Nosferatu say.


Show-stopper – skin-popper.
              – Skinny Puppy, “Worlock”

The following Merits and Flaws may only be taken by Nosferatu characters, unless permitted by the Storyteller. At your option, certain vampires who have been subjected to the Tzimisce Discipline of Vicissitude (see The Players Guide to the Sabbat) might also display these physical anomalies.

Lizard Limbs (1 pt. Merit) – When your limbs are restrained or grappled, you may spend a Blood Point and make a Willpower roll (difficulty 8). If you succeed, you may “shed” a limb, leaving it in your opponent’s grasp while you escape. The limbs may be regrown normally. If you shed enough limbs, you can escape nearly any bonds, though it is hard to flee the scene of captivity when one has no legs....
Nosferatu with this Merit often use it for practical jokeS (Let’s shake on it...).

Long Fingers (1 pt. Merit) – Your fingers are unnaturally long and spidery. You gain one extra die to Dice Pools involving digital coordination or grappling,

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