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over it. Nosferatu existence is pain, and those who have endured the pain the longest are accorded the greatest respect. Thus, the elder Nosferatu tend to dominateclan dealings, but not through the use of force or intimidation. Instead, elder Nosferatu are seen as revered sages, and their advice is willingly followed by the young.

Indeed, Nosferatu never demand respect or obediencethat practice, so common among the Ventrue et al., is seen by the Nosferatu as oxymoronic and just plain moronic. No Nosferatu is able to order another of the clan to do anything. Nosferatu who attempt to browbeat their brethren are simply ignored by the rest of the clan, who disappear into the night via Obfuscate.

For this reason, Nosferatu are skeptical at best toward sects such as the Camarilla or Sabbat. The c lan considers the sects rather silly and takes a "yeah, sure, whatever you say” attitude toward the machinery of vampire politics. Camarilla and Sabbat Nosferatu have more in common than any other clan and its antitribu, and the two sides occasionally cooperate.

Nosferatu society is loosely divided into units known as broods. Most Nosferatu in a brood are re1ated through blood ties, though outsider Nosferatu who relocate to a given city are free to join that city’s brood. Broods are generally run by consensual agreement, though the opinions of the elders carry a greater weight than do those of the young.

Decisions are rarely made without at least the grudging agreement of all in the clan, and consensus is generally the watchword within a brood. Individual Nosferatu, content that at least some attempt is made by the brood to,come to terms with their wishes, rarely act against the interest of the clan.

Punishment is rare among the Nosferatu, The Camarilla branch of the clan reluctantly enforces the Traditions, and the Sabbat branch holds its members to what few rules guide that sect, but the clan otherwise does nothing to discipline its members. Nosferatu who consistently cause trouble for the clan are simply ostracized.

This “punishment” is surprisingly effective; unlife is harsh for the Nosferatu as is, and a Nosferatu without clan support is fair game for a variety of dangers, including the Nictuku. Besides, most Nosferatu find the clan provides the only true opportunities for friendship – an outcast Nosferatu is a lonely soul indeed.


Among men like Jack the Rip-
per, Ted Bundy, and John Wayne
Gacy there is a pattern that seems
repeat itself, a pattern, most profession-
als agree, that is too little studied and

imperfectly understood.

  Tim Cahill, Buried Dreams: Inside the mind of a Serial Killer

Despite the best efforts of the clan, some Nosferatu just plain lose it. Unable to cope with their deformity  and discontented with the company of thier fellow outcasts, they lash out at the world in sprees of destruction and murder.

Such Nosferatu are common among the anarchs and the Sabbat, as these groups give them outlets for their violence. Their role in these groups is simple: terror specialist. Fear is their weapon and their drug. Not content with the fear induced by their visages, these Autarkis meticulously study the art of horror, devouring books and movies that depict the grotesque.

Many such Nosferatu have become almost Toreadoresque in the pursuit of their atrocities, staging them with the utmost care. They play all manner of games

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