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to search for the havens of other  vampires. Once another vampire’s haven has been discovered, that vampire is fair game for all sorts of espionage and blackmail.

Needless to say, Nosferatu have entered the Information Age with a passion. In recent years, Nosferatu have become amazingly adept at the use of computers. Many BBSs have at least one Nosferatu monitor online, Certain warrens strongly encourage computer literacy, and clan meetings have been called to discuss the creation of a worldwide computer network accessible only by nosferatu. It is certain that as the computer continues to dominate the globe, the Nosferatu will continue to wax strong among the Kindred.


I can teardown the walls – storm the barricades
to the place where the frightened crawl.
- The Mission U.K., "Wasteland"

Nosferatu are not known for their elegance, and this applies to their abodes as well. The Nosferatu are responsible for much of the squalor that pervades the Gothic-Punk cities. The lower the station of a victim, the less likey it is that tales of attacks by monsters will be believed. The

Nosferatu often make deals with clans such as the Ventrue and Lasombra, trading information in exchange for the deliberate “de-gentrification” of an area.

Such a rundown, dilapidated zone has less of a police presence, making it an easy hunting ground. It the subdivision is particularly desolate, Nosferatu can openly break into mortals’ homes with little fear of reprisal. Furthermore, despite the easy prey, other vampires rarely venture into such an area, preferring the more genteel settings of the city's bars, theaters and nightclubs.

Crumbling industrial wastelands also suit the Nosferatu's peculiar sense of aesthetics. The squalor and decay are pleasing to the Nosferatu, who feel more at home in an environment as physically repulsive as they are. Some Nosferatu go so far as to trade favors for the deliberate erection of tacky, cheap-looking buildings.  An unsightly eyesore jutting against the pristine glass skyline of a modem city is a 30-story middle finger at the world, at heaven and particularly at vampire clans such as the Toreador.


By a foulness shall ye know them.
– H.P. Lovecraft, “The Dunwich Horror”

Vampire clans, especially the Ventrue and Toreador, have long assumed that they control mortal society. However, the Nosferatu have proved time after time that one cannot control what one cannot see. The Nosferatu routinely create ghouls to assist them in their clandestine endeavors.

Nosferatu tend to ignore mortals in obvious positions of power; these they leave for their Ventrue and Toreador cousins. The Nosferatu have discovered that 10 well-chosen petty bureaucrats can gamer results equal to those achieved by a mayor or alderman. Indeed, such ghouls often provide superior service, as their involvement in city projects is generally of a “hands-on” nature and they are not subject to reelection.

The Nosferatu have fewer problems recruiting ghouls than One might imagine. Because they usually draw their fodder from the lower strata of society, they tend to find people who are desperate for any degree of power, regardless of the price – and there is a price. Humans who drink the blood of the Nosferatu do indeed acquire the benefits of ghouldom – enhanced strength and vitality – but they also acquire a fraction of the Nosferatu curse. The ghouls’ transformation is minuscule – indeed, almost unnoticeable - but ever after, there is "something strange" about them.

People might be slightly uncomfortable around them; dogs and cats might growl andhiss at them; they might develop a weird aura, a slight curvature of the spine or a

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