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Each Nosferatu warren invariably has a main room where the clan gathers. This room (which is usually quite large) serves as an audience chamber, recreation area and last-ditch defensive site. It is designed to house all the city’s Nosferatu, as well as any visiting clan members or other guests. The room is the center of a warren’s existence. The Nosferatu, in their typical self-deprecating fashion, have named it the Chamber of Horrors.

The decor of the Chamber of Horrors depends on the proclivities of the clan leader or leaders. In many ways, it is a reflection of a given warren’s attitude toward the outside world. Some Nosferatu, in an attempt to maintain some facade of beauty in their unlives, decorate the Chamber with ornate sculpture, delicate crystal chandeliers, rich tapestries and the like. Other, more cynical Nosferatu reject the standards of the surface world wholeheartedly.

These Nosferatu take the Chamber’s name most literally and meticulously collect grotesqueries of all sorts. These items are arrayed about the Chamber in wax-museum fashion, the better to shock and horrify visitors. Implements of torture, bizarre paintings, deformed animals taxidermically preserved, dinosaur bones, coffins, mummified corpses, pickled human organs and the like adorn these Chambers.

The Chamber of Horrors is the most important site within a warren, and great care is taken in its construction. It is placed in the most defensible spot possible. Cunning

traps are scattered throughout; the Nosferatu say that to stand in the Chamber of Horrors is to stand beneath a thousand swords. In extremis, the very roof of the place can usually be collapsed, ensuring that if a Nosferatu warren dies, its enemies die with it.


With this beast, seems to me when you hear stories about him, the smart thing to do is not cut anything off. The smart thing to do is double ‘em.
             – Peter Benchley, Beast

The security-conscious Nosferatu value their privacy and detest other beings skulking around in their demesnes. The Antechamber provides a good first line of defense, but certain beings (Malkavians and Black Spiral Dancers, in particular) can circumvent it with relative ease. While mechanical traps and the like are useful deterrents, the Nosferatu affinity with animals allows a more innovative approach to personal security.

At some point in each Nosferatu warren is a small pool of still water. The Nosferatu take pains to ensure that this water remains fresh and pure. The Nosferatu with the most potent vita. (i.e., the one of lowest generation) regularly bleeds into the pool, infusing the water with her essence.

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