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I must now apologize for my unfortunate lapse of control, but I stared into those charred, leering faces and thought of the bones I had seen, and something told me that if I did not run now I would never again have the opportunity. Knocking Volhune to the ground, I ran for the surface world.

Behind me, I heard the sounds of pursuit, and my name was screamed amid burbling moans. I ran as if the very Furies were on my heels. I was swifter, and the others seemed reluctant to enter the upper caverns. I fled outside and went to earth just as dawn broke.

Based on the above incident, I would suggest ceasing communication attempts with Arlington Warren. I would furthermore suggest that future exploration into the depths be carefully planned and monitored.


In their millennia underground, the Nosferatu have ranged deep and wide. In so doing, they have encountered

an array of other underground dwellers, many of which remain unknown to mortal science.

Song in the Dark is superficially similar to the Level Two Animalism power The Beckoning, but this power enables contact with the monstrous denizens of the underworld. The nature and power of these creatures are up to the Storyteller; some legendary beasts are rumored to be larger than blue whales.

System: The Nosferatu must be underground or on the surface above or near some sort of underground cavern area. She must then make a Charisma + Survival roll (difficulty 8). If successful, and if there is an appropriate creature in the vicinity (Storytellerís discretion), something will answer the call. The creature is not under the Nosferatuís direct control, but is generally not hostile toward the caller, or at least is more likely to devour the Nosferatuís enemies. More successes summon additional creatures or more powerful ones. A botch often calls a hostile creature, or even (if legend is to be believed) alerts a Nictuku to the Nosferatuís presence.

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