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party pastime. A Nosferatu will start a story with a one-sentence statement; the catch is that the statement has to be an actual fact about something going on in the area. The next vampire must then repeat the first Nosferatu’s statement verbatim and add another sentence to the story.

Of course, this is also a game, so juicy, lewd or otherwise interesting tidbits of gossip are preferred, If a Nosferatu forgets a line or cannot add anything to the story, she is out. The round-robin story continues until only one Nosferatu is left; by this time, a fairly coherent picture of events in the city has usually been formed.

Nosferatu also routinely employ animal scouts. The Nosferatu affinity for animals is the result of the vampires’ affinity with their own Beasts. It does not betoken any sort of kinship or respect for animals, as does that of the Gangrel. Nosferatu regard animals as commodities and tools, and freely employ them to do the clan’s bidding. Obviously, the more tools one has, the better, and the Nosferatu encourage the spread of animals throughout their domains. Thus, many cities in the Gothic-Punk world are infested with rats, alley cats and feral dogs.

Animal scouts are particularly useful once a Nosferatu has attained the fourth level of the Animalism Discipline, whereby a vampire may control an animal and perceive through its senses. With this power, a Nosferatu may literally become a fly on the wall of the prince’s haven. Furthermore, provided the Nosferatu can remain awake, the animal may operate in sunlight. This allows the Nosferatu

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