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with their prey: stalking the victim for nights, calling the victim and breathing heavily on the other end of the line, cutting the victim’s power lines, etc. A persistent legend among the vampires of the Eastern Seaboard states that one particularly dreaded Black Hand Nosferatu, having trapped a Camarilla prince in his haven, was moving in for the kill. All of a sudden, the assassin stopped, looked around, shook her head in disgust, tumed and left, muttering that “the lighting isn’t right.”

The recent plethora of "psycho slasher” movies has given these Nosferatu both fodder for their craft and role models to emulate. Other vampires, seeing the connection, have begun to refer to renegade Nosferatu as “Leatherfaces” in tribute to the villain of Texas Chainsaw Massacre infamy The Nosferatu in question have readily adopted this nom du guerre,”Razors, hockey masks, ice picks and other instruments of fear and pain are standard tools among the ranks of the Leatherfaces, These Nosferatu likewise emulate the murder techniques of their cinematic counterparts. A truly artistic touch is to Dominate the fleeing victim into tripping and falling while the Leatherface slowly walks forward for the kill, razor in hand.


Oh, the shark has pretty teeth, dear,
      And he shows them, pearly white.

– Bertolt Brecht, “Mack the Knife”

An obvious difficulty for the Nosferatu is feeding. The merest glimpse of a Nosferatu sends most mortals fleeing in horror. Obfuscate helps in this regard but is far from reliable. Furthermore, few Nosferatu develop the high levels of Dominate and Presence common among the members of such clans as the Toreador and Ventrue, Particularly with regard to neonate Nosferatu (who do not have the high Discipline levels needed to subdue prey), feeding can be a chancy thing.

The elders of certain cities, realizing this, have created “way stations” among the downtown populace. Certain Nosferatu, those skilled enough to have achieved prowess in the Animalism power Song of Serenity, periodically gather at street comers and back alleys where homeless individuals cluster. The Nosferatu use Song of Serenity to lull and

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