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to take our tunnels, away and eat us in the process. We gotta do somethin’ about the Dancers, and quick, or we ain’t gonna be around much longer.


Like the Tremere except even more full of themselves. I sneaked into one’a their meetings one time. Sounded like a goddamn philosophy seminar.  Talkin’ about paradox fluxes and static this and dynamic that and consensual reality paradigms – I bet they kill their enemies by boring ‘em to death.

Don’t get me wrong – these ain’t the kinda guys you wanna screw with. Weird little accidents always seem to happen to people who cross their path. And if the accidents don’t getcha, the brain-exploding  death chants they throw at you will.


           Oooh, faeries! Aren’t we pretty little Tinkerbells with our little wings, flying around spreading pixie dust and good cheer.

I ain’t never seen a faerie, and I don’t even believe in ‘em, but if I ever got a hold of one, I’d rip its wings off just for fun.


Feel my hand, feel my hand, feel my anm, feel my arm, feel
my fist, feel my fist, fists of love.

– Big Black, “Fists of Love”

Of all the clans, the Nosferatu is the most unities. While the Tremere and Ventrue clans present external facades of camaraderie, their structures are brittle shells wracked by backbiting and glued together by the fear of reprisal. Not so the Nosferatu. The ties of its members’ ugliness bind tightly indeed. After all, to whom else can one turn for true understanding and sympathy?

There is, of course, a practical side to this. The elders are well aware that somewhere in the world the Nictuku lurk, stalking their progeny and seeking to destroy their own kind. Gehenna is all too real to the Nosferatu elders, and they realize that only through unity will the clan be able to face its “great-uncles” when the night of reckoning comes. Thus, the elders do everything in their power to ensure clan harmony. The Nosferatu have no time for internecine feuds.

Survival is the main criterion for status among the Nosferatu. Of course, this is ultimately true for all vampire clans, but the Nosferatu don’t try to put a genteel facade

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