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DATE: 12-12-50
      TO: Xerxes
      FROM: Jameson
      RE: Project Rosenberg

Per your request, I delivered the plans forUnited States atomic weapons to the Soviet agent. In so I assumed the shape of the engineer Julius Rosenberg. The resulting panic has indeed been considerable; Rosenberg’s trial and certainexecution promise to be. media spectacles. I rather confidentlypredict that construction of extensive subterranean bombshelters will begin within the next year. Of, course, wemustwaita decade or more for the ensuing nucleophobia to subside and must gain the good will of several princes in order for the city, state and federal governments to “forget” the existence of the shelters. Once these feats are accomplished, however, our clan will have access to a vast vampiric Lebensraum, as it were.

mesmerize the mortals into a pacified trance, thus allowing their fellows to feed. Other Nosferatu then Dominate the victims into forgetting the incident. The Nosferatu have discovered that repeated exposure to the Song has an addictive effect on mortals. As long as the Nosferatu display some degree of control in their feeding and make liberal use of Dominate, victims will keep coming back to the same “peaceful” spot over and over.

 Of course, the above approach only works in crowded, decaying urban zones. In less populated areas, Nosferatu must often become “sandmen,” stealinginto sleepers' houses in the dead of night to drink their blood. The vampires of the Sabbat dispense with such genteel practices, instead preferring to waylay travelers.

Certain particularly despicable Nosferatu prefer to feed exc1usive1y on children, whether because Of cowardice or penchant. Such Nosferatu are, not surprisingly, called"boogeymen." This pratice, while vile, is quite effective. Children's tales of monsters in

the night are rarely believed.

Of course, high levels of the Obfuscate Discipline help immeasurably when feeding. With  sufficient control, a Nosferatu can use Mask of the Thousand doing,Faces to impersonate anybody she wishes – including that doctor who happens to need five pints of type AB positive ASAP...


You flush it – I find it.

– The Penguin, Batman Returns

The Nosferatu are infamous among the Kindred for their information (some say espionage) network. If a Cainite absolutely, positively needs to know something tonight, the Nosferatu are the vampires to consult. Not that this information comes cheap.

There are many reasons why the Nosferatu have such a stranglehold on information. The Nosferatu’s intraclan unity plays a large role. Nosferatu of different broods routinely trade information that Ventrue elders would never dream of imparting to anyone. There is even limited exchange between Camarilla and Sabbat broods. Sect differences pale beside the threat the Nictuku pose to the entire clan.

This pervasive paranoia turns the pastime of information gathering into a near obsession. According to the legends, the Nictuku are as skilled at stealth and ambush as are the Nosferatu – perhaps moreso. One of these creatures, if undetected, can infiltrate a city and destroy an entire Nosferatu warren. Only constant alertness gives the Nosferatu a chance to detect the Nictuku’s presence and enact preventive measures. 

In truth, boredom may also contribute. After all, the Nosferatu often have more time on their hands than do other vampires. They attend no parties, make no rendezvous with mortals and avoid vampiric politic. (such high visibility, in the Nosferatu’s minds, promotes a Nictuku attack). They do not have to spend half their nights searching for the perfect victim – astray dog will suffice. They are certainly not sought out for comanionship. 

The best way to obtain information is simply to look, listen and remember. The warren leaders often assemble the clan to play mnemonic and storytelling games. One common Nosferatu learning/ex-change technique is a variant of a mortal

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