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Caine’s love all to themselves, and then he said how he thought the Thirteen oughta ]own together and do unto the Three before they got done unto.

Like I said, those was simpler days. The other Twelve got all worked up, sayin' how, yeah, now that they thought about it, they had noticed that the Three had been lookin' at 'em funny the past few nights. Nosferatu had been spyin' on the others for quite some time, and he knew all their little annoyances and idiosintricities and stuff. Huh.’ Yeah, that's a real word I heard the Tremere sav it'. Shut up.

Anyway , he kinda   started  insinuatin’  things,about the Three, and  the Twelve, and  Caine, and twistin’ the conversation  around to  his  own ends Most of all, he was lookin' to make his sir seem like the villain of the piece. He said she lusted for vampire blood and had gotten  Caine’s other two childer in on a little scheme to wipe the Thirteen out.

Nosferatu organized the other Twelve, sayin’ that there was safety in numbers and all that. He led  'em back to the cave – oh yeah, the First City – where the Three awaited Caine’s return. Nosteratu took charge of all his brethren and taught 'em the secret of how to hide (though most of the other stupid  bastards forgot later). Then they all jumped the Three in a big ambush.

Now there was a fight! Not all the wars in history were as   savage   as that first vampire  fallin’-out.  Nosteratu waited in the bushes    with his childer while the Three slugged it out with the Twelve.  When he saw his opportunity, he ordered his own childer into the melee. Then,  while everyone was distracted, he Jumped onto his sire's back and sank his teeth into her neck.

Right about then, everything kinda   froze. Even the  birds,and bugs  stopped  chirpin'. The  only sound was the slurping noise of Nosferatu suckin’ the life outta his sire. He was real bloodthirsty, was Nosferatu, and as he drank he kept clawin’  her face up, same as she’d done to him. Thought it was a good joke. She had a lot of blood, and it took her a long time to die. By the time she was dead, Nosferatu had carved her face up into something unrecognizable. He was feelin’ real good too, and I don’t gotta explain why. He was feeling power.

Nosteratu stood there, clutching his sire, getting ready to drink the last of her blood and get all her power, when he was knocked down by a blow like a dozen elephants or mammoths or whatever they had back then. Caine had returned, and he was pissed. He looked down at his dead childe, all mutilated and disfigured, and he looked at Nosferatu and for the first time noticed the tiny scar. And he understood.

"For thy vanity thou hast committed the greatest crime of all,” Caine said. "Thou takest pride in thy mastery over beasts – I take thee and make thee a heart. Thou takest prie in thy form – I take it from thee.” Anil Caine touched Nosteratu’s face and turned it into a living reflection of his,anger and hate. He was the first and the worst of us. Ain't nobody in the world even been as ugly as Nosteratu. Then Caine said, "Thou hast created childer. I curse them, and thy entire line until the end of all things, as I do thee." And all across the world, the childer of Nosferatu fell to the ground in agony;is they changed. Even the one childe who remained free of the Blood Bond, the woman in the stream, was cursed. It was she who sired us all, all who now call themselves Nosteratu.

Nosferatu staggered to his feet, and all the other vampires blanched. He turned his face from them in shame and ran howling into the deepest caves, where he will lie until the end of time. But he wasn't through – not by a long shot. He had Blood Bound all his childer, except that one I mentioned earlier, and through them he vented his wrath upon mortals and vampires alike. His Blood Bound childer’s curse was stronger than ours. They took on all of Nosteratu’s crimes and became the Nictuku, who hunt us until the Last Night.

Nosferatu himself' still down there, lyin’ in the caves somewhere. I hear that Caine cursed him so that even in torpor he has nightmares of his own face. He sends out dreams and nightmares to the Nictuku, and he hates us –
the Nosteratu clan, that is. 'Cause see, somewhere in his madness, he got the idea that it he can destroy all his progeny and present the deed to Caine as a sacrifice – just like Caine gave Abel to God – Caine u ill forgive him and remove the great curse. Even now, he’s out there somewhere, commanding the Nictuku to hunt us down. They and their childer have been seeking us since that night, trying their damnedest to devour us all. But we’re pretty good at staying hid ourselves, and until the coast is clear we
ain’t never gonna come out.

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