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And everything human's necessarily wrong. 
Swans, “Amnesia”

And what, manya Nosferatu has asked, of Nosferatu’s other childer,  the Nictuku? Did they die out, or do they still lurk in the dark corners of the world! The Nosferatu certainly believe in their existence, and many a night in the warrens is spent telling tales of these horrible and malign beings,

The precise roster of the Nictuku is unknown, though there are many. A few names have been passed down through the ages: Abraxes, Lord of Mists; the cannibal hag Baba Yaga; Nuckalavee the Skinless; Gorgo, She Who Screams in Darkness; Echidna the Mother of Foulness.

According to the stories, each Nictuku has its own unique characteristics and appearance, but all are monstrous. Though the Nictuku are, or were, vampires, they possess a far greater quantity of the original Antediluvian vitæ. and have thus been transformed       far beyond the ken of most “pure” Nosferatu.The Nictuku are monsters in the truest sense of the word. The Nictuku, so the stories go, are all Blood Bound to the sleeping Antediluvian, and all are consumed with the desire to destroy the entire Nosferatu line. Only then will Caine’s curse be lifted and Nosferatu's face restored.

The existence of the Nictuku is still conjecture, but it  cannot be denied that Nosferatu who choose to operate apart from the clan disappear mysteriously. There-- Swans have also been instancesof entire Nosferatu warrens disappearing without a trace.

Few non-Nosferatu have heard the legend of the Nictuku; those who have heard it largely scoff at the idea, considering the entire tale an exercise in self-gratification (“the beasts just want to believe that there are things out  there even more repulsive than they are”). The Nictuku themselves are seen as mere bogeymen whose purpose is to enforce clan unity. Most Nosferatu, however, take the Nictuku very seriously indeed.

Fear of these creatures is the primary reason the Nosferatu  spend so many of their nights in hiding. The threat of these monsters also does much to explain why the Nosferatu are so obsessive about garnering information – for the Nictuku strike silently from the dark, and fade into the dark again. The Nosferatu believe that constant vigilance against these creatures is the only way to prevent their attacks. Rumors of strange creatures and inexplicable occurrences are snapped  up by the Nosferatu.

A few Nosferatu have devoted themselves to protecting the clan from these evils. They spend their nights investigating any rumor that might hint at the presence of the Nictuku, tracking these ancient predators and relaying  warnings to clan members. Some have even teamed up with  members of other clans, using their allies’ contacts and  powers to help the Nosferatu.

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