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Caine’s childe busted his spear like a Tinkertoy and backhanded him across the clearing and into a tree. Broke his spine.

When she’d finished drinking from the cat, she turned around Nosferatu was writhin’ like a maggot on the ground, gaspin' and  moanin’. She was full now, and thinking rationally again, so she decided to finish what she’d been intending to do. She  Embraced him then and there.

Nosferatu loved being a vampire. Made his hunting even easier. Didn’t have a problem with killing folk, either
– in fact, he got off on it, ‘cause it was more of a challenge,
Got real good at it, too. He was the first vampire to develop Obfuscate powers, and the best, and don’t believe them Assamites when they say different, ‘cause Nosferatu taught Assam everything he knows. He used Obfuscate to sneak into the middle of a tribe, and then he’d reappear and kill the lot of ‘em. Yeah, like I said, Nosferatu was a sick S.O.B. and going through his growing pains.

There was only one problem. Nosferatu hated his sire with a passion. Not ‘cause she’d showed him up when they’d first met – although that was part of it, ‘cause Nosferatu wanted to be the best warrior in creation. No, he hated her ‘cause when she popped him that one time, one of her claws left a mark on his face, and made a scar. Yeah, yeah, innit just tragic? Prissy as a goddamn Toreador. Not even a big scar, just a little white mark on his cheek that you could barely see even in bright torchlight – but as far as Nosferatu was

concerned, it ruined his perfect mug. This, by the way, was another reason he started gettin’ so interested in bein’ invisible and changing his looks.

All he thought about all night long while he hunted was how he was gonna get his sire back when Caine wasn’t looking. ‘Course, he had to keep his thoughts hid, but sincenally again he was sneaky anyway, and the only vampire what used Obfuscate, it weren’t too hard.

Anyway, Nosferatu was arrogant, but he wasn’t stupid. He knew deep in his black heart that he couldn’t take his sire, even though he was now a vampire. So he mulled it over, and he realized that one of his kin – I think it was Tzimisce, so we’ll say Tzimisce, ‘cause it’s not really that important – had discovered how to control his progeny through feeding ‘em his blood. Nosferatu sneaked up on Tzimisce one night and saw how this was done, so he started wanderin’ the world, staying as far away from Caine and Company as possible, and makin’ childer and Blood Bond in’ ‘em. Most of his childer were just like him – vicious and cruel. One was a mistake – an act of passion, when he discovered a beautiful woman bathing in a stream in the deep forest. He Embraced her, but she fled from him before he could Blood Bond her. She must’ve been fast as hell to escape. He chased her, but she lost him, and he finally gave up as the sun started comin’ over the horizon.

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